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Before the pandemic, Influence The World co-founder and president Murray Swanby @murrayswanbyla and mentor Kevin Tran went to communities in #Vietnam to listen to them, to learn, and to bring critical aid. Upon returning to the U.S. Murray was inspired - how can we bring young communities together to help young people throughout the world?

Now that its safe, Murray, Kevin and the Influence The World team returned to Vietnam to listen, to learn, to bring critical aid - and to share the stories of the young people with our social media communities.

Building off our recent success in helping people in #Tijuana#Kyiv, and #Berlin, Influence The World led a team of dedicated young people to Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam in October 2022. 
Our team was able to visit 6 different orphanages aiding over 1,000 children.  We were able provide them with 4-6 months worth of food, school supplies, cleaning supplies, clothes, shoes, ect. We also distributed lucky red envelopes with 100,000 VND notes - about $4.19 - that will buy food for one person for a week. 


Stigma about blindness, deafness, single motherhood, and Leprosy are prevalent in Vietnam. Many orphans here have families but they don’t visit. We were able to shake their hands and hug them and put some smiles on their faces. This was all made possible by your donations and continued support for Influence The World.


Stay tuned to see what we have in store for 2023. 

Want to know more about #InfluenceTheWorld and how you can get involved? Please follow our Facebook page or Instagram @influencetheworld_org or click the link below.

Influence The World is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. @murrayswanbyla @theonlycorylee@eurekaohara @joeadamsesq

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Influence The World

Harnessing the power of social media to give back to young people in need around the world.

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